This is Buckley. He’s a sweetheart.

This is Buckley. He’s a sweetheart.

One of my outfits for the Europe tour. I don’t look like an American tourist or anything right? Also, I’m pissed about this new hat I got(actually like it though ha)

"Weakness is not your weakness. You are what you grow into. You’re not what you were."

Jon Gomm

Robin Williams….

One of the best comedian actors to grace this planet is no longer among us. You were one of the reasons behind Goodnight Neverland’s name, Pan. Long live, Robin Williams.

Be humble and wisdom will find you.

I think one of the biggest steps towards wisdom is realizing that you don’t have it all figured out, and to realize that you’re ignorant to most things.
Some people get so prideful and think they have the right answers to everything. Realize that you’re ignorant to most things. Realize that other folks know more than you in some areas. Pride holds you back from learning. Keep your mind open and humble yourself to wisdom. Be the person who observes and listens rather than the person who shouts and has tunnel vision. Peace and love


Be driven by creativity and imagine yourself in one of these.
Don’t be plain and minimalistic,
Don’t be dull and sterile white
Be alpine-friendly
Gothic enthusiastic
Medieval rich in all your architecture choices.

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Power is sitting in the back of the room while others are fighting to be in the front and be seen.

Look pretty. Make money. Gain popularity. Gain power. OR YOU’RE A WASTE OF LIFE AND NOT WORTH IT. And we become used to this. So, along with the weight of these heavy expectations being placed upon all of us, there are folks that live to tear each other down and break each others confidence. How much can human beings take before we break? Well, we’re testing those boundaries resulting in many broken people. When I look at the brilliant sky, I don’t feel expectations being placed on me. I feel loved. When I look at the beauty of nature, I don’t feel judged… I feel accepted. Please, listen to me. Don’t focus too much on being physically attractive on the outside. Focus on decorating your insides with pretty things. The soul is such a lovely thing, and we can strive towards making it more lovely. You’re going to die one day and no matter how much money you have, I swear to god, on your death bed money will be the last thing on your mind. Power and strength are misunderstood. Power is being gentle. Power is learning when to speak and when to listen. Power is putting others before you. Power is sitting in the back of the room while others are fighting to be in the front and be seen. We can make the changes we need to make to become better people, and the way to do that is only through love. It makes me not wanna disappear so much when folks remind me that there are people out there that practice this…. when the sky and nature remind me of this. Those people keep me hanging on. Love… Be sincere. You’re golden, sweetheart. Thanks for listening and I love you.

"I’m kissing your head." 

Her (2013) dir. Spike Jonze

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Messing around with a Radiohead song. “Nude”. Check it out. :)