Winter Ghost

I wrote this song about the memories I had in my old house on Jenner Avenue. It’s about how we grow up and lose that childhood innocence and happiness we had when we were young. It’s also about letting a ghost haunt you and consume your thoughts along with how things used to be.

Let Me Go

This is one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. It’s about my biggest fear. About dying and not seeing my mom again after I die. About how everyone and everything slowly becomes part of the background and how I find myself not wanting to be here anymore, but at the same time being terrified of facing the unknown after I die. I’m terrified. I get anxiety and shake everyday for hours at night thinking about it. It comforts me when other people feel the same, because I don’t feel completely alone, but it still is just a temporary calming. Please.. encouragement is severely irrelevant. There is nothing you can say to give me peace. I just wanted to share my heart and soul with you and let you know what this song is about. I can write a paragraph explaining each lyric line of this song. I’m hoping you can appreciate this song more, knowing what it’s about.

Working on a new song. Check it out <3

I just wrote this song a few days ago. It has a really important message, I feel. Let me know your thoughts, please.

"When your heart breaks, let it break
May the scars remind you, you’ll be okay
You’ll be okay…

And when the storm comes, let it come
Through the falling rain, know you’re not alone
Because we’re all falling

When the storm comes, let it come
Because we’re all falling”

Distance & Time

So.. This song was recorded live. I only did one take. The first guitar take was used and the first vocal take was used. It’s the only song on the album that wasn’t recorded with a metronome.

"Old Tree" the whole album

I put a lot of my heart and soul into this record. Please let me know what you think!

"Mental Illness"

Here is a new song! “Mental Illness”. No matter what you go through, or however crazy you may feel, or how alone you feel due to mental problems or just hard things you’ve went through, you’re absolutely not alone. There is someone that can relate to you out there. I’ll hold your hand and help you walk through it, if you hold my hand and help me walk through it. LISTEN AND SHARE

"Old Tree"

This is one of the most personal and deep songs I’ve ever written. “Old Tree”. Please listen, and share if you like it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Tides of Man and Colours will be playing Goodnight Neverland’s Cd Release. Get excited, sweethearts.

Had a few beers downtown with some rad folks.

Had a few beers downtown with some rad folks.

"Can't Stop Time"

Here is a NEW song off Goodnight Neverland’s CD coming out in april. CHECK IT OUT! :)

He Is Legend & Goodnight Neverland

Playing with He Is Legend next thursday in Ybor. If you’re in the area, come out and have a good night!

He is Legend and Goodnight Neverland

We’re playing with He Is Legend March 6th at the Orpheum, babes. Please, come out and chill with us. If you’re thinking “Hmm you don’t sound anything like them”, then you should probably check out the lead singers BEARD

Singing at a show we headlined a little bit ago.

taken by Laia Gore

Singing at a show we headlined a little bit ago.

taken by Laia Gore

Check out this brand new song I did a few days ago. “Distance & time” off the new record coming out in a few months. Share it if you enjoy it